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Instagram’s Fittest: Cat Meffan on Yoga, Leotards and LA Workouts

Cat Meffan Reebok Yoga

We’ve known Cat for years now and she has always been so inspiring with her approach to fitness, body confidence and yoga. It goes without saying we’re pretty stoked she’s part of Reebok’s Ultimate Girl Squad.

What’s the most important message you want to share with the world through The Girl Squad?

For me it’s all about empowering women and working together, laughing together and rising together. I feel so honoured to be part of this group, with such inspirational ladies. Whatever form of fitness you do, be it yoga, running, CrossFit, dancing or something else entirely, we should do it with passion and enjoyment.

We love your honest approach to body confidence and how yoga can help. What are the top 5 benefits you feel yoga can bring to a busy lifestyle? 

Firstly and most importantly yoga helps you connect to what’s going on inside your body and mind and helps you disconnect from the craziness of modern life – it’s a way of looking after our mental health. On a physical level yoga is great for mobility, strength and breath work.  

Cat Meffan Reebok Yoga Pose

Controversial question – is yoga just for girls or can it benefit men, too?

It’s such a myth that yoga is “just for girls”. Of course men can benefit from it, just like women can play, enjoy and benefit for football. Yoga is for EVERYONE. No matter the gender, age or ability, there is a style of yoga and a teacher out there for everyone. 

What type of yoga do you practice, and do you have a favourite flow? 

I practice both a dynamic flow yoga and have a more restorative practice too (yin yoga). To be honest, I take each day as it comes, sometimes I might practice the first ashtanga series, others I’ll opt for Rocket, sometimes I’ll just work on inversions and so on.

Cat Meffan Reebok Yoga Expert

On a busy day, what 5 essentials do you take with you?

Even on the warm days in London I always have a jacket with me, so at this time of year I take my pink Reebok bomber jacket everywhere, along with my Reebok backpack. Blueberries and nuts are my go-to snack to have with me and I don’t leave the house without my headphones and water bottle. 

Who would make it into your perfect Girl Squad, and in which city would you choose to practice yoga with them?

Oooo ok, I’d go for Kino McGregor to share her bendy ways with me, Meghan Currie, Shiva Rea, Aubry Marie and Eileen Gauthier. And I’d practice with them all in LA. 

What’s your perfect outfit from the City Series?

The metallic bra, seamless leotard and the pink bomber jacket, I love them. 

Reebok Girl Squad Group

Reebok ambassadors Ashleigh Lawrence and Cat Meffan are members of The Reebok Girl Squad and are pictured wearing the new AW17 City Series Collection available now at





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