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Can you use an Electric Bike for Fitness Purposes?

Electric Bike for Fitness Purposes - Raleigh Electric Bike in green park

The simple answer to this question is YES. We see so many people saying that electric bikes are cheating and they mean you don’t have to work at all. As a matter of fact you still have to pedal an electric bike, so you are still working hard – the electric just gives you a bonus boost. A study in the International Journal of Behaviour Nutrition and Physical Activity found that those using electric bikes still demonstrated physical exertion “95% of the time”.
For starters an electric bike has varying levels of assistance so you can choose to have a small push from the motor or put it into turbo and feel the wind through your hair.

Take an electric bike ride with your friends

You may have friends that ride a little further or faster than you and you desperately want to catch them up or you just want to enjoy a bike ride with them. An electric bike can help you do this, you can join in on their weekend rides and feel more confident that you can keep up with them and not get out of breathe as fast. Eventually they’ll be begging to borrow your electric bike!








Raleigh Electric Bike - Friends out riding

Added weight

It is inevitable that electric bikes are going to be heavier than regular bikes; after all they have electric components and added extras that enable it to give you a boost. When you’re cycling you are riding a heavier bike which does make your cycle a little bit more hard core. This electric power does disguise this but if you fancy it, don’t use the assistance and burn some more calories!

Build up your resistance

It builds your experience; you may struggle to ride a regular bike so the electric power helps you to get into bike riding. As you get stronger and used to the energy cycling takes, you can use less power and use more of your own energy when cycling. It may also help you cycle further on your bike rides, you’ll be exploring even further than ever before.

You’ll be tackling more hills

With the added power of electric, you won’t be avoiding steep inclines anymore. They’ll quickly become easy, but you’ll still be putting in the pedal power to reach the top, working harder than you have before on any bike ride.

Raleigh Electric Bike – woman cycling in country

Mental fitness counts too

It’s not all about physical fitness, mental health is important too and using an electric bike can offer so many people confidence. They may have previously lost confidence using a regular bike and decided why not give an electric bike a go. They’ll be able to get further and get back into the cycling rhythm.

Switch up the commute

To begin with, if you aren’t a cyclist already and you drive everywhere, particularly to work then using an ebike can make a massive difference. You’ll be working hard every time you go to and return from work, instead of sitting for even more of the day.

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