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Food & Lycra Take On The Mighty London Marathon

Food and Lycra Running

We catch up with our favourite style icon trio Kim, Laura and Rachel from Food & Lycra to discuss fashion, food and preparing for the London Marathon.

Are you all ready for the London Marathon?

We’ve trained as much as we can putting in those big boy miles, but we’re still nervous!  We won’t ever feel mentally prepared to run 26.2 miles, but you know the deal… ready, we ready!

Is this your first marathon?

Yep, first marathon for all of us! Let’s see what London has in store for us eh? We couldn’t have picked a better first marathon to run together.

Have you followed a training plan?

As much as we could! But we never pushed it if we had any pain in our legs. We would be gutted if we got injured and weren’t able to do London Marathon at all.

Food and Lycra Running London

Have you done your longest run yet? If so, how long did you go?

We did our 20 miler last week. We got up really early and we were finished by 11am. THAT WAS HARD!

What are your expectations for race day?

Gosh, we’re so excited about the crowds. Most of our races have been abroad in different cities around Europe. With the London Marathon most of our friends and family are going to be there, which makes it so much more special. Expect lots of tears from us! We are emotional runners, we cried after a 10K race once – you can imagine what we’re going to be like after 26miles!

Are you going for a particular time, or just to have a good time?

Whatever time we come in at it’s going to be a PB, a PB in terms of doing our first 26.2 miles! So having a good time isn’t really a priority for us this time.

Are the three of you going to run together?

We have lost each other in races before (lolz) so we’ll see on the race day!

What do you love most about running?

Knowing you can run for a certain distance or amount of time and seeing all the improvements you make, that post-run high, how good food tastes after running and, of course, the fact that we can eat so much more food because of the miles we put in #weruntoeat

Food and Lycra style group London

What aspects of VLM are you most excited about?

Running hometown,  the crowds, Cheer Dem Crew at Mile 21 and the finish line!

How do you stay motivated to keep training on rainy days?

The fear of 26.2 miles… actually we like running in the rain and when it’s cold! Not when it’s windy though!

What will you be wearing on the big day?

Kim: adidas Boost and most probably a vest and shorts if the weather is anything like it is now.

Laura: adidas Boost, a vest top and a pair of shorts. I need to feel really light but It will all depends of the weather.

Rachel: Nike Lunar Eclipse and a personalised vest of some sort so the crowds calling my name can push me over the finish line!

Is it important to look/feel good while you run?

Of course. It gives us that extra bit of confidence knowing we look good while running!

How about technical gear?

Technical gear is important too, we need to feel comfortable when running and also need to avoid hurting ourselves by choosing the right footwear according to the way we run.  But we make sure we get the best technical gear that looks good too! We can’t have hot leggings that slip while we run and nor can we have good supportive trainers that don’t look good.

What are you favourite/key sportswear pieces?

Kim: I really love running in my adidas Boosts at the moment, it has gotten me through my marathon training so far.

Rach: My Lunar Eclipse, the shoes which are going to carry me to the finish line!

Laura: My adidas Boost has so far been a great running partner. No pain, no blister and they are supportive just where they need to be and not to mention light.

What piece of running kit can you not live without?

Sports bras! (I guess we don’t need to give an explanation why here…)

Does good sportswear affect your performance levels? If so how?

For sure, we need to run in the right shoes to suit our gait otherwise we would constantly be injured! In terms of apparel it is definitely key. Feeling the stitches of a sports bra or any other fitted apparel can be very irritating during a race.

Follow @foodandlycra to cheer the lovely Food & Lycra girls on this Sunday at the Virgin London Marathon 2014.

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