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How To Get 20% Off Boohoo For Your Birthday In 2023

How To Get 20% Off Boohoo Discount Promo Code Banner

Here is the secret to getting 20% off Boohoo during your birthday month. We give you a four point instruction guide to ensure you get a free Boohoo voucher code to use at

20% Off Boohoo at

20% Off Boohoo at

Sign up and get 20% off at during your birthday month.
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  • How to get Boohoo birthday discount promo voucher code 2022

    *Click on the “Activate Deal” button above the instructions

    Post Updated 1st January 2023

    22 thoughts on “How To Get 20% Off Boohoo For Your Birthday In 2023

    1. This Boohoo promo code and other offers are valid throughout July 2023. Follow Rematch socials for more Boohoo discount codes.

    2. Hi, is this still valid in 2023?

      1. Yes, this Boohoo Discount Code Promo is still valid throughout 2023. Follow the instructions above to get sent your free Boohoo voucher code.

    3. is this boohoo birthday code?

      1. Yes, you need to sign up at to get the Boohoo Birthday discount code.

      2. Hi, is this boohoo promo code still live. I’ve tried to get it and I’ve searched but alll I can find is the 10% off boohoo code at the moment.

        1. Hi Nes, Boohoo release various promo codes at different points in the year. Best to sign up and stay tuned for the latest offers and codes.

    4. Is this boohoo voucher code still working?

    5. The 20% off Boohoo discount code for March 2022 is now live.

    6. hi, So I’ve gone to the sign up page to register an account and added mu date of birth. My birthday is in a few days, when will I get sent my discount voucher? Does the email come from boohoo directly and it is in the form of a voucher code?

      1. Hi, once you have signed up and registered a new account with, you need to wait until your birthday and you should receive an email with your boohoo birthday discount. The exact terms and conditions are not made public, so there is a chance you might have to wait until next year as you have only just registered your account. Fingers crossed you get your boohoo discount 🤞🏼.

    7. Can you give me boohoo birthday discount promo code so I can use it on the website. Thanks.

      1. You need to use the boohoo voucher code revealer above to get your boohoo birthday discount in 2022.

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      1. Thank you, but we don’t accept spam or need these services.

    9. how many times can you use the Boohoo birthday discount code? Do you have to be logged into the Boohoo account for the code to be valid? Ngl I need this code.

    10. when do you get sent the email?

      1. Follow the instructions and sign up to You will get sent a Boohoo Birthday Discount email during your birthday month which you can use to get 20% off at Boohoo.

    11. I’ve used your rematch link to get to the Boohoo email sign up page and I have added my date of birth nand filled out the rest of the form.

      What do I do now? Does this mean I wait till my birthday and I will get sent a boohoo voucher code?

      I have heard that boohoo now gives 10% birthday discount instead of 20% boohoo discount. Is there a terms and conditions whicjh gives you more info? I also found that if you buy something from you get sent an email which can give you an extra 10% off. And if you sign up a friend you get a £5 voucher and your friend gets a 15% off new customer boohoo promo code. Maybe you should tell people about this too.

      1. Thanks for your comment. You will be sent a unique boohoo discount code by email either on your birthday or a few days before. Enjoy your discount.

    12. Can you use this boohoo birthday code in 2021?

      1. Hi Adi, yes you can use our 20% off birthday code in 2021 provided you are sent the email from boohoo in time.

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