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London’s Hottest Technical Apparel Designer – Charli Cohen

Charli Cohen fitness sportswear in London

Charli Cohen is a busy lady: establishing and designing her first fashion business at 15 and first fitness blog at 16, she’s always known what she wanted to do and has just got on and done it. Not only is she a high profile personal trainer and nutrition consultant she’s recently launched her own line of super stylish sportswear which is starting to turn heads across both the fashion and sports worlds. We love what Charli’s doing and were lucky enough to grab five minutes with the young designer herself…

What’s your favourite way to stay fit? Weights training.

How did you get into it and what do you love about it? I’d taken an unhealthy approach to my body goals for a long time and weights training became a major part of getting me back on track. Aside from weights being amazing for physique, I love the feeling of getting stronger, being able to keep my workouts varied, quick and intense and the fact that when I’m training, I can switch off to everything else going on in my life!

Can you share your favourite insider tips on how to get fit? Set realistic, time-framed goals. Break this down into manageable, weekly targets and don’t try to change everything at once. Write these down and keep a written and photographic record of your progress – this helps to keep you accountable and motivated.

“Experiment with recipes, vary your workouts – there are so many different ways to get fit and healthy”

And make it fun! Experiment with recipes, vary your workouts – there are so many different ways to get fit and healthy, so find the methods that YOU enjoy. It’s much easier to turn these into permanent lifestyle changes.

Charli Cohen sportswear designer London

What kit do you like to wear? Naturally I’m a little biased towards my own sportswear label, ‘Charli Cohen’! I aim to balance statement with sophistication – classic, flattering shapes are given a twist with bold colour blocking, anatomical panelling and tough hardware. The idea behind each design is that it should function as a high performance garment in the gym but also as sport-luxe fashion wear.

What does looking good whilst working out mean to you and how does sportswear affect your performance? Looking good makes you feel more confident, more invincible. Naturally this has a knock-on effect on training – a positive mindset and that ‘feel-good factor’ translates into a stronger workout.

Charli Cohen Fashion Show London

The Charli Cohen VIS Collection bridges the gap between sportswear and ready-to-wear, throwing effortless, oversized outerwear pieces over second-skin technical baselayers. Combining statement design with performance driven function, the garments are inspired by the inner toughness of the woman who wears them. It’s available to pre-order now for delivery in late January 2014.

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