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Q&A With Em Sheldon | Lifestyle Blogger

Em Sheldon Fitness

Em Sheldon is a beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger who has a huge passion for health and fitness. Her blog, Em Talks, has really captured the imagination of young women across the UK. Em says that she was inspired to start her blog as a place to share her passion for ‘everything’. She decided to focus on health and fitness because it was a large part of her. Em says, “I think travel and lifestyle fit in well with health and fitness because people want to feel confident and happy as they travel and wear new dresses for example so I think it all works really nicely together”. We spoke to Em in more detail about other areas of her fitness lifestyle.

Em Sheldon Fitness Blogger


1. Do you eat before training and if so, what pre-workout meals or supplements do you use?

I usually eat my breakfast before training so it would be a big bowl of oats topped with honey, chia seeds, flax seeds, banana, blueberries and more!

2. What are your best recovery foods?

I love poached eggs on brown bread to recover or you can’t beat apple slices with peanut butter on top! I am also addicted to cottage cheese!

3. What’s your opinion on the state of nutrition advice available to women in the UK?

I personally don’t think there’s enough available, I do think it’s getting much better but it would be nice to see readily available nutritional advice everywhere in the future.

4. Who are your Top 3 ‘go-to’ people or social media accounts for nutrition inspiration?

I love Deliciously Ella, Madeline Shaw and The Body Coach!


1. What’s your favourite type of training?

I absolutely love the feeling I get after interval training! Hot yoga is something I enjoy a lot too!

2. What would you say to young women looking to get into fitness but are not sure where to start?

If you have a passion, just go for it – put on your gym kit and start working out, that’s the best way to start – learn about your body!


1. Sportswear has become far more fashionable in the last few years. What do you wear to train in, and do you ever wear sports kit outside of the gym?

I always wear sports kit outside of the gym, it’s so comfortable and it looks great! I like training in baggy t-shirts with a bright sports bra underneath and then the tightest but comfiest leggings I can find. I think good trainers are extremely important.

2. What are your favourite pieces and accessories to train in?

Accessory wise I am obsessed with using apps on my phone to track my progress and obviously my headphones because I just cannot work out without good music! In terms of my favourite pieces, I absolutely love the adidas bright marble two-piece!

3. Do you have a favourite playlist to train to?

Beyonce is my favourite person to listen to in the gym!

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