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How To Get 25% Off Nike For Your Birthday In 2023

Discover the definitive guide on how to get 25% off Nike during your birthday month. We provide a four point instruction guide to ensure you get a free Nike voucher code to use at

25% Off Nike at

25% Off Nike at

Sign up and get 25% off at during your birthday month.
On Going Offer
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  • How to get 25% off Nike on your birthday

    *Click on the “Activate Deal” button above the instructions

    Valid through January 2023 to December 2023.

    Question: How can I get 25% off Nike on my birthday?

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    252 thoughts on “How To Get 25% Off Nike For Your Birthday In 2023

      1. Thanks for sharing. This Nike․com offer Starts: 02/11/2023 at 11:00am CET
        and Ends: 12/11/2023 at 11:00am CET. You need to sign up for free as a Nike Member to claim it.

    1. Hi how long do you get to use the birthday discount that’s automatically added to your basket.

      1. Hi Scott, you can find the terms and conditions for the 2023 Nike Birthday Discount promotion here →

    2. how do i get a nike birthday discount code?

      1. Please follow the instructions above and also follow Nike Discount Codes on Twitter and Facebook.

    3. Hey i have been nike member since a year and had ticked all the boxes for communication through email today is my birthday and still i haven’t received my 25% discount code

      1. To be eligible for the nike birthday promotion, you have to accept to receive General Communication Emails from Nike at least 10 days before the 1st of your birthday month. If you send Nike a DM on Twitter with your Nike Member email, and they will double-check your account.

    4. Here are the latest Official Nike terms & conditions for claiming The 25% Off Nike Birthday Discount >>>

    5. To obtain a Nike discount code, you can try the following methods:

      1. Official Nike Website: Visit the official Nike website and check for any ongoing promotions or discounts. Nike often offers special deals and codes directly on their website.

      2. Email Subscriptions: Sign up for Nike’s newsletter or create an account on their website. This way, you may receive promotional emails that include exclusive discount codes.

      3. Social Media: Follow Nike on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Nike occasionally shares discount codes and promotions on their social media accounts.

      4. Retailer Websites: Check online retailers that sell Nike products. They may offer their own discount codes or have ongoing promotions that include Nike items.

      5. Coupon Websites: Browse reputable coupon websites that aggregate discounts and promo codes from various sources. Some popular coupon websites include RetailMeNot,, and Groupon. Search for “Nike discount codes” or a similar term on these platforms.

      6. Nike Store App: Download and install the Nike app on your mobile device. Nike sometimes provides app-exclusive discounts and codes.

      Remember that discount codes often have expiration dates, limitations, or specific terms and conditions. Be sure to read the details carefully before using any discount code to ensure it is applicable to your purchase.

    6. I try to sign up for Nike discount code on :
      May 5th 2023
      June 1st 2023
      June 14th 2023

      Why not get Nike birthday’s discount for June 2023?

      1. Hi Ali, thanks for your message. You need to wait at least 2 months and have an active Nike Member’s account before receiving the Nike Birthday Discount. That means, if your birthday is in June, you will likely have to wait till June 2024 before you receive the discount. You will get an official email from Nike confirming your birthday discount and how to apply it at checkout. Good luck and happy birthday!

    7. Can I use the birthday promo on trainers because it’s staying full price when I go to check out

      1. Hi, you can generally activate your 25% Off Nike Birthday Discount on most full price footwear items apart from a small number of premium shoes – including Nike Air Force 1’s.

    8. I’m signed up as a member but haven’t received my code. Please could you help me look into this?

      1. Double check that you have entered your date of birth within your Nike Member’s Account profile.
        If you still haven’t received the discount email by the end of April – the best way to contact Nike is through their Twitter support page at

    9. Is the Nike birthday discount still valid in April 2023? Can you send me a Nike promo code svp?

      1. The Nike Birthday Promo Code is live and working from April 1st 2023 throughout this year. You need to be. Signed up as a full Nike Member to be able to access the Birthday Discount and other Nike benefits.

      2. I haven’t had my birthday discount code when will this be added

    10. hi! Please can you advise how I can receive my birthday discount code? I am a Nike member and have been for a whole. My birthday is the 12th and I want to treat myself to some new trainers! Thank you.

      1. Hi Leanne, you need to follow the instructions above and make sure you have signed up to Nike with your email address and date of birth provided.

    11. @Nike hey Nike. My birthday is today and I normally receive a discount code to use! Can you help?

      1. Happy Birthday J Fos! The Nike Birthday Discount is now automatically added to your account and applied at checkout. Have a look within your Nike member’s account. Otherwise get in touch with Nike either on their website or on Twitter.

    12. Thanks for sharing the way that how we get discount on Nike! But I think that’s only possible foe the adults having age of 25. As I checked while shopping for Nike, one can use normal Nike coupon codes and promo codes offered by trusted third party vendors or by searching on web.

    13. I’ve been a member on the nike app since December 2021, and today is my birthday but i still haven’t received my discount. How can this be?

      1. Hi Agelo, sorry to hear you have not yet received your Nike birthday discount. Double check your email address is entered correctly and that you have also provided a date of birth within your profile section. Provided your details are up to date and you have an active Nike Members account, you should receive your Nike discount in advance of your birthday during your birthday month.

        1. My birthday today and no code this year for me? Disappointed to say the least seeing I buy a lot from Nike

          1. Sorry to hear this Derek. How long have you had a Nike Member’s account for? Are all your details within your Nike Member’s profile section up to date?

    14. We want MORE Nike codes please ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

      1. Sure thing! The latest Nike discount code is “SPRING23” and is giving you 25% off Nike when you buy 2 or more products. This Nike promo is running throughout Jan 2023 and runs till 9th February 2023 at 09.00hrs. Just do it!

    15. I would like to purchase a Nike Dri-Fit T Shirt with this discount. Is this possible to get 25% off?

      1. Yes, the Nike birthday discount will give you a 25% off discount on most Nike full priced items.

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