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How To Get 25% Off Nike For Your Birthday In 2021

Discover the definitive guide on how to get 25% off Nike during your birthday month. We provide a four point instruction guide to ensure you get a free Nike voucher code to use at

25% Off Nike at

25% Off Nike at

Sign up and get 25% off at during your birthday month.
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  • How to get 25% off Nike on your birthday

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    70 thoughts on “How To Get 25% Off Nike For Your Birthday In 2021

    1. How long does it take to receive this Nike Birthday Discount Code?

      1. You have to wait until your birthday month and then you will be sent a special birthday email from Nike. You can then use the unique code displayed in the email which is valid for the whole month of your birthday month.

        1. what happens if you make an account on your birthday month?

          1. If you sign up for a new Nike Account during your birthday month you will have to wait until the following year until you receive your Nike Birthday Discount. We would also recommend signing into your Nike Account / Nike Plus periodically so that it is not marked as “inactive”.

        2. *UPDATE*
          From 1st January 2021, you can only use your Nike Birthday Discount ONCE at checkout.

          1. I use NIKE US birthday gift 20% off.
            why it don’t work,when i reedem it?

            I think it should work all item.
            But Nike live chat said it can’t work with discount item.

            1. Hi Shao, the Nike birthday discount gift is full selected full price items only. Nike is currently running a 20% off promo code for discounted sale items, but we believe this is restricted to Nike EMEA region only. You can try to see if it works for you here:

    2. Hi, this Nike Birthday discount not working for me. How can I make work?

      1. You need to sign up on using the instructions above. Once you have signed up and entered your date of birth, you will receive the unique Nike voucher code by email during your birthday month.

    3. Is the Nike Birthday Discount Code 2020 still valid? What Nike discounts and Nike special offers do I get on

      1. Yes, the Nike Birthday Discount Code 2020 is still valid to use on During your birthday month you will get a special Nike discount code sent to you by email which you can use on full price Nike products on You will also be kept up to date with the latest Nike special offers and sales.

    4. Does Nike still do birthday discount?

      1. Yes, Nike is still giving Nike Birthday discount codes to members during 2020.

    5. How do I get 25 off Nike?

      1. To get 25% off Nike at follow the instructions above. You will get a Nike voucher code by email during your birthday month once you have signed up at

    6. I signed up and did not receive a birthday discount offer!

      1. Hi Linda, the Nike Birthday Discount Code should get sent to you at some point during your birthday month (it does not always get sent on the actual day of your birthday). If you have signed up within the last 2 months, you might have to wait until your birthday month in 2021. It must also be the first time you have registered with Nike – if you have signed up and bought products from in the past, you do not qualify for this Nike birthday promotional offer.

    7. Hello!
      I signed up and did not receive the birthday discount for this month. Can it be sent to me as the instructions said it would be for the month of my birthday in August. This would be great! I have never used a coupon before. I would like to purchase some shoes to treat myself this month for my birthday.
      Thank you!

      1. Hi Sandra, can you remember exactly what date did you sign up? If it was within the last 0-2 months you might have to wait until August 2021 to receive your Nike Birthday coupon code.

    8. Can I use my discount code multiple times within my birthday month? (For example, if I order the wrong size and want to make a new order?)

      1. Yes, you can use your Nike Birthday discount code throughout your birthday month multiple times on FULL PRICED Nike items on Just logon to your account and the 25% reduction will be applied automatically at checkout.

        1. That’s not happening for me. I used it once and it is now no longer available.

          1. Same here

            1. I spoke to an advisor on the chat and you can only use the code once

            2. OK, thanks for the feedback. It is good to hear that the Nike advisors are helping people with their questions. I hope you enjoy your Nike Birthday Discount.

    9. Is this a nike promo code 2020?

      1. Yes, this is a Nike promo code which can be used for products listed at during 2020.

    10. Does Nike offer a Nike Covid Discount Code or a discount for NHS workers?

      1. As far as we know, Nike does not offer a discount related to COVID-19 or for NHS / support workers.

      2. Nike does offer a 20% off single use coupon for medical professionals. They use Sheer ID to verify you

        1. Yes, Nike does offer a 20% discount to medical professionals and first responders but for the US only. You can read the T&C’s here:

    11. Hi! So my birthday was on the 21st of August, but my birthday discount code is still applied to my shopping cart. So until when will my discount be valid?

      1. Hi Bastiaan, your Nike Birthday Discount should be available for a period of 1 month starting from the moment you receive an email from Nike with your unique Nike Birthday Discount code. If you have a account, it should be applied to your shopping cart for the duration of 1 month.

        1. Hi I just got my birthday discount but it didn’t give me a code to use in the email? How do I use my discount ?

          1. Hi, the discount is now automatically applied when you login into your Nike account and proceed to checkout having added items to your basket. Just do it! Happy Birthday!

    12. I have just recently used my birthday discount and I have tried to get something else a day after although it doesn’t work for the second time, it isn’t doing the discount at checkout it’s getting me to pay full price, I thought the discount is unlimited for the whole month of your birthday?

      1. Thanks for your message Mateusz. Up until recently you would get use of the Nike Birthday discount for the duration of your birthday month. It is possible Nike has updated or changed this promotion – we will contact Nike to check.

        1. could you please let me know once you find out? many thanks for the quick response!

          1. Sure, we will message you when we get a response from Nike Marketing Division.

    13. It is my birthday month and no discount code 🙁 Contacted Nike and was told the following:
      “Thanks. I totally understand the importance for you to receive the discount and I know that you want to maximise your savings. But we do apologise apparently the discount are being sent randomly each year and not all customers are provided on. To ensure that all customer would be able to take advantage of the discount we are providing it randomly. Not all consumers will get the discount. The bday promotion is like a raffle draw.”

      1. That is frustrating Marketa. Until recently, Nike would send a unique 16 digit birthday voucher code which you could apply at checkout but they now automatically apply the birthday discount at checkout. Let’s hope that you get sent the Nike discount later this month – there are still 27 days to go! 🤞

    14. Can I use the Birthday coupon code on items that are on sale also? Or is it just for full price items?

      1. The Nike Birthday Coupon Code can only be used on full priced items. Thanks for your question, have a great New Year.

    15. Will this Nike birthday offer be valid in 2021?

      1. Yes. The Nike Birthday discount will be running from 1st January 2021 till the 31st December 2021. Thanks and have a nice day.

    16. You need to check the newsletter box to receive the birthday 25% off?

      1. Yes, you should provide your email address, date of birth and check the newsletter box on the signup page in order to get 25% off Nike on your birthday.

    17. Hi, my birthday is this month (Jan) and I only signed up for on 3 Jan 2021. Will I still get a birthday discount?

      1. Hi Nabz, unfortunately, if you sign up for a new Nike Account during your birthday month you will have to wait until next year until you receive your Nike Birthday Discount Reward. We also recommend logging into your Nike membership account from time to time so that it is not marked as “inactive”. Have a great day.

    18. My birthday is next month and I have signed up within the past week. Do I qualify for the birthday discount, or do I need to wait until next year? Also, is the discount for any item in the store? I’ve had experiences where companies don’t actually give you 25% off everything, they take out the most popular items from the discount.

      1. Hi Sophie, thanks for your message. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until next year before qualifying for the 25% Off Nike Birthday Code. There are some restrictions within the terms and conditions. You are correct – some of the most exclusive Nike products as well as sale products are excluded.

    19. Hi my bday month is 2nd of Feb if I sign up now will irecieve it?

      1. Sadly you will not qualify for the Nike 25% Off coupon until next February (2022) Farzana.

    20. How many months before my actual birth day month do I need to register for a Nike account in order to get the 25% OFF?

      1. Hi Claudia, to be certain, you need to have an active Nike account for at least a year. We have heard of occasions whereby people have signed up at least 2 months in advance of their birthday and still received the Nike Birthday Discount email. This appears to be more likely for people regularly signing in and using their Nike account in the run up to their birthday month. Sorry we can’t be more specific but we have not received an updated T&C’s from Nike on this particular promotion.

    21. Is Nike still offering the 25% off Nike birthday discount code from February 1st 2021? Does it work by clicking on the voucher code activate deal link?

      1. Yes, the Nike Birthday Discount Promo Code is still active throughout 2021. Click on “Activate Deal” and sign up at

    22. Thanks! The Nike birthday voucher was automatically applied and I got 25% off my new pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes.

    23. Nike discount code NHS – Is there a Nike discount code for NHS staff?

      1. We are not aware of a specific Nike NHS Discount or Promo Code. Nike does offer a 20% discount to medical professionals and first responders but for the US only. You can read the T&C’s here:

    24. Is there a Nike code generator for this promo?

    25. I have had an account since august 2019. This is my birth month and I haven’t received the 25% off discount code. What can I do?

      1. Hi Abdul, that is frustrating – we are sorry to hear that you have not received your 25% Off Nike Birthday Discount Code. We would advise speaking to the Nike support team here:

    26. Are you able to use the birthday discount to purchase the custom built Metcons?

      1. Hi Amanda, unfortunately the Nike Birthday Discount and other Nike promo codes cannot be used with customised items.

    27. Are you able to use the birthday discount to buy air forces 1 “low”?

      1. Hi Chris, at them moment Nike is stating that you can use the Nike Birthday Discount on all full priced products apart from customised items. So it should be possible to use the Nike birthday discount code on a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Lows.

    28. Hello
      Does the Moke birthday promo have a limited purchase limit?

      1. Hey Steve, if you are referring to the Nike birthday promo code – we are not aware of an official purchase limit amount.

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