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25% Off At – 2023

Nike woman wearing Nike top for 25% off sale

If you are a fan of Nike then you will love this super discount code - an extra 25% off at

25% Off Nike at

25% Off Nike at

Sign up and get 25% off at during your birthday month.
On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • Use the "Activate Deal" link above and then "Go to store" to sign up to the Nike newsletter and you will be sent an extra special Nike discount code during your birthday month. But you’ll need to move fast – this super Nike 2023 offer ends 31/12/2023.

    Terms and conditions for the Nike Birthday Discount - BDAYPROMO - can be found here >>

    How to use your Nike "BDAY25" promo code

    1. Sign up to as a new member
    2. Go to the account settings and enter your personal details including your date of birth
    3. Wait for your birthday month and use the exclusive code sent to you during the checkout process
    4. You will receive: 25% off your purchase
    Nike Birthday Month Discount - 25% Off at
    Enjoy your 25% off at Nike!

    Post last updated 1st January 2023.

    138 thoughts on “25% Off At – 2023

    1. Does this still work?

      1. Did you try it during your birthday month as per the instructions?

        1. The birthday discount is only 10%. I emailed Nike as well and they said it’s always 10%, used to be 20% but now it’s 10

          1. Thanks for your reply Zac. Within the U.K. and EMEA regions Nike still offers a 25% off discount for your birthday. You receive an email similar to this one:

      2. Yes, this 25% off Nike Birthday Discount still works as of 23rd August 2021.

      3. Yes, this worked for me. I got 25% off Nike React shoes using the Nike birthday discount earlier this year and I will use it again on my birthday in April.

    2. Can you use it more than once?

      1. No. You will get sent a unique Nike discount code by email during your birthday month and you can only use this code once during the checkout process at

    3. Hi, it doesn’t work for me. I have followed all the instructions but still don’t get no email. Does it still work?

    4. When is your birthday month and when did you sign up on

    5. Have you received a BDAYPROMO? Find the terms and conditions on how to use your Nike Birthday Voucher Promo Code here:

    6. I didn’t know nike did this and my birthday is sunday – how long will it take to receive my code?

      1. Hi Matthew, unfortunately you need to be a signed up as a Nike member for a minimum of 2 months before your birthday to qualify for the Nike Birthday Discount Code. If you sign up this month, you should receive your Nike discount in December 2021.

    7. I have followed all the instructions but still don’t receive an birthday promo email. My birthday is on 4th Jan.

      1. We would recommend waiting until your birthday on Monday. At some point on 4th January you should receive an email from Nike with instructions on how to claim your 25% off Nike Birthday Discount.

        1. Its now the 7th Jan and have not received an email from Nike with the 25% promo code. I chatted online with them as I was annoyed I didn’t receive and advised these emails are sent RANDOMLY to members. Really ! How it that being fair and reasonable to all members?

          1. Hi Tony, we, at, have no control over the terms and conditions of Nike promotions. We would still recommend logging into your Nike member’s account regularly – I do this and I received my Nike Birthday Discount email as recently as last month (December 2020). Good luck – we are really hoping that you get your deserved 25% off Nike discount. We will pass on your feedback to the Nike EMEA marketing team to ensure that fairness and equality are being respected at all times.

    8. I would like to get 25% off Nike, do I just hit activate deal and then I get sent a Nike birthday discount code? Can this be used on to get 25% off all products in including the Nike sale? Where else can I get Nike voucher codes from? The Nike promo codes section on does not mention the Nike Birthday special voucher…

    9. Do you have a Nike blog post on Nike promo code hack?

      1. Hi Bizu, for a Nike promo code hack and more Nike discount tips please check out this helpful post:

    10. How many times can you use the Nike discount code during February 2021? Is there a better Nike voucher code coming out soon?

    11. are there any Nike promo codes that actually work?

    12. Nike promo code Reddit hack please

    13. How many promo codes can you use on Nike?

    14. Hi I signed up as a Nike member since 2019 and my birthday was yesterday (12th Feb) yet I haven’t received any promo code in my emails… I really want to buy some shoes and they are currently low in stock, so please get back tome about this as soon as you can.

      Thank you

      1. Hi Sanz, we would recommend going to and signing in to your Nike Account. Go to Account Settings > Account Details and double check you have entered your correct date of birth. If you are still having problems then contact Nike via
        Thanks and we hope that you get your Nike Birthday Discount.

    15. Hi, My birthday was yesterday, and I haven’t received the coupon. How can I receive it?
      Is it a problem that I signed up 2 days before?

      1. Hi Joe, unfortunately you will not receive the Nike Birthday Discount email if you signed up too close to your birthday. Nike does not reveal the exact time frame – but we find that you will not receive the discount unless you sign up at least 2 months before your birthday and you also need to periodically login to your Nike account. You will need to now wait until March 2022 before receiving your Nike Birthday Discount Code email.

    16. Hi, The promo said the birthday coupon is for my Birthday month. My birthday is on the 10th, will I get the coupon only on the 10th, or sooner?

      1. Hi Lorra, Nike does not reveal the exact date they send out their Nike Birthday Discount emails. Being experts on Nike special offers, we find that they generally send the email towards the beginning of your birthday month i.e. on the 1st – 8th of the month. But sometimes they send it on your birthday itself and they often send a reminder email later in the month too. We hope that you receive your birthday email from Nike SOON!

    17. If you need a discount of 25% nike, write to this guy:

    18. Do you have any more Nike promo codes for May or June 2021?

      Is this Nike 25 off discount code the best ever Nike voucher promo?

      1. Hi Kelly, Nike is currently running a 20% off Nike voucher code (20% off full price items). Use code “May21” at checkout.
        The Nike Birthday voucher code which is 25% off is currently the best Nike coupon you can get.

    19. Does offer a unique Nike 25 discount code or is it “BDAY25” as suggested? Does this still work on May 21st 2021?

      1. Hi, Nike no longer requires the “BDAY25” code to be entered at checkout. Your 25% off Nike Birthday Discount is automatically applied at checkout when you are signed in as a Nike Member. The Nike Birthday Discount offer is still valid as of 05/21/21.

    20. I am entering the Nike code “BDAY25” at checkout and it is not giving me 25% off my Nike order. How do I claim my nike birthday discount? Is this Nike promotion still valid on June 9th 2021?

      1. Hi Sophia, thanks for your question. You no longer have to enter the “BDAY25” code at checkout. If you qualify for the Nike Members Birthday Discount, the 25% off will automatically be added at checkout. Make sure that you go through the link above and sign up as a new member providing your date of birth.

    21. Could you please send me Nike voucher code?

      1. Hi Shiv, you need to sign up using the link provided. During your birthday month in 2021 you will then be sent an official email from Nike showing you how to use your Nike promo discount.

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    23. When does the July 2021 Extra 25% Off Nike EOS Sale – Members Only – go live?

      1. This extra 25% off discount code is valid between 8th July 2021 to 13th July 2021.
        You can still sign up and use the Nike Birthday Discount code promotion during this period and beyond.

    24. Is code sent by email or is automatically added when you make checkout at nike,com?

      1. Your Nike Birthday Discount Code is automatically applied at checkout. You will receive an email from Nike to inform you when your discount is live.

    25. So i’ve signed up on July 20th 2021, do I get my nike 25 off code for my birthday on August 6th 2021 next month?

      1. There are no set Terms & Conditions for the Nike Birthday Promo Discount, but we generally find that you have to sign up at least 2 months before your actual birthday date and sign in to your new Nike account at least a few times.

    26. Thanks for nike birthday discount code and 25% off my nike air max 95.

      1. You’re welcome! Enjoy your Nike discount and your new Nike Air Max 95’s !

    27. Can I use two promo codes on Nike? Give me the answer from August 4th 2021, not in the past yo. Thanks!

      1. You can find the latest 2021 Nike Promo Codes Terms & Conditions for the UK and EU here:
        In summary, Nike Promo Codes that offer a discount can be used in combination with Nike free delivery voucher codes, but cannot be combined with other percentage off promo codes. Hope that helps.

    28. On voucher codes website it says you get a 25% Nike birthday discount on your birthday and Nike+ members are rewarded with a birthday treat on their birthday along with exclusive Nike discount codes worth up to 30%. Do you get the 30% off Nike codes on your birthday or is this at another time?

      1. Hi Vel, yes it is true that you get a 25% off Nike birthday discount voucher on your birthday (at a point during the month of your birthday). You don’t get an extra 30% code on your birthday too unfortunately. You normally have to wait until sale periods or special promotions like Nike Black Friday or Nike Members Day.

    29. When do I get my Nike 25 off code? What are the other Active Nike promo codes in theuk?

      1. You need to sign up as a new member at and provide your date of birth. You will then receive a Nike Birthday Discount promo code during your birthday month. This Nike code is added automatically at checkout and you can only use it once.

    30. What is the latest nike discount code for September 1?

      1. Hi Vijay, Nike has just finished an extra 20% off Nike promo code for members. There is a chance that there will be another Nike sale voucher code coming out this month. But the Nike Birthday Discount Code is still valid in September 2021. You need to make sure you are signed up as an account member at and be sure that you have provided your date of birth and other details.

    31. where’s my nike 20 off? is this Nike 20% off code generator

    32. Hello, thanks for this offer. I was sent a Nike voucher code for my birthday a few years ago and I wondered how to get one sent again. Are you sent a code by email or is the discount automatically added at checkout Thank you.

      1. No problem. Use the instructions above to activate the 25 off Nike code offer.

    33. thanks saw this Nike promo Code Hack Reddit

    34. is this nike 25% discount code still working?

      1. Yes, this Nike promo code is working throughout 2021 and into 2022. Thanks.

    35. More nike codes please

      1. Make sure you check out the special Nike discount code in November 2021:

    36. CAn I use this Nike 25% off Birthday discount in combination with the Nike Black Friday 2021 code?

      1. No, as far as we know, you cannot combine 2 or more Nike promo offers.

    37. I get the code and I buy nike air max 97. so so happy. 🙂🙂🙂

      1. Super! We are happy for you too. Enjoy your Nike Air Max shoes bought using the nike discount.

    38. Hi, I put BDAY25 to the promotion code section, but was told it was invalid and I should log in to the profile. But I did log in to Nike account at check out, and my birthday is in Dec. Could you tell me how I am able to get a valid discount code please? Thanks

      1. Hi Youcai, your birthday discount code should apply automatically at checkout. You will need to contact Nike directly to address this issue.

    39. This special Nike offer is live from January 2022 to December 2022. Claim your free Nike 25% off birthday discount code and stay tuned for Nike voucher codes throughout 2022.

    40. Thanks used my code to get new Liverpool football shirt.

      1. You’re welcome. Have a great 2022 and stay tuned for more Nike voucher codes.

    41. is there a new nike discount code 2022? I try on 1.5.2022 and see if nike 25% off code work.

      1. The best Nike promo code in 2022 is still the Nike Birthday Discount Code. Discover a step by step guide so you can claim your free gift here:

    42. Stay tuned for more Nike discount codes in 2022. We are expecting an extra 20% off sale code in February 2022 found at

    43. i googled nike 25 off to get to this. what do i do now to get this nike discount and where is the voucher code on this page. i wait patently for your reply.

    44. Does this still work?

      1. Yes, this Nike voucher code is still valid as of February 2022.

    45. is this Nike 25 Off Birthday promo code?

    46. can we get this nike code to get 25 off nike in 8th February?

      1. Yes, the Nike Birthday Discount Code is still valid as of February 2022 and will be valid throughout 2022.

    47. I’ve signed up when do I get the Nike 25 off code Nike birthday discount code?

      1. During your birthday month you will get sent an email from instructing you to use your Nike 25 off discount. The discount is automatically applied at checkout at

    48. Thanks this Nike 25 off code works and I now get Nike Air Force 1 07 shoes.

      1. Indeed, this Nike 25% off code is working and valid to use in 2022. Enjoy your Nike discount and 25% off your Nike Air shoes.

    49. March 1 is my birthday, can I sign up and get code straight away?!

      1. Yes, you can sign up straight away but we cannot guarantee that you will be given your code straight away.

    50. Thanks.

    51. Thanks

    52. If I enter BDAY25 at will it give me 25% off on Nike Air Force 1?

      1. You need to follow the instructions above and sign up as a Nike member before receiving Nike member discount codes.

    53. The Nike 25 off birthday discount code is live throughout March 2022. Claim your free Nike voucher promo codes by activating the deal at the top of this page.

    54. Is this still valid on March 29 2022?

      1. Yes, if you sign up for a new Nike member’s account you will be able to get 25% off when you get the Nike Birthday Discount Code activated. Please note that it is up to Nike to activate this discount – some inactive accounts do not get the discount.

    55. Just to let everyone know, there is also a Nike 50% off sale at until 13th April 2022 :

    56. Do i get an email from Nike when it is my birthday?

      1. Yes, if you sign up as a new member to Nike providing your date of birth you will get a birthday email from Nike. The email is sent either on your birthday itself or earlier during the month of your birthday. The email contains instructions about how to activate your 25% off Nike Birthday discount.

    57. I sign up on May 1 2022 with my birthday. Do i get Nike birthday discount on June 1 2022?

      1. Hi, if you signed up with your birthday on 1st May 2022, you would not be entitled to the Nike Birthday Discount Code until May 2023.

    58. Thank you good friend.

    59. At the moment it is a 20% off ASOS discount code which can be used at

    60. I understand that there are now not many Nike discount codes like there used to be so I signed up for this birthday discount. I hope to receive it on my birthday in December but it is a bit annoying that I have to wait until then. I will log onto my Nike account regularly so that I am hopefully guaranteed the 25% off. I have read the other comments and understand that the discount is now added automatically to your Nike members account and you do not get sent an email with the voucher code attached. I hope that Nike keep this offer up in 2022 and into 2023. Thank you and goodbye.

      1. You are very welcome Erik. Enjoy your Nike birthday discount 🥳 and have a nice day 😃

    61. Its my birthday month but I haven’t received a promo code email yet!? Why?

      1. Hi Jaud, it depends on when you signed up and what day your birthday is on. We recommend that you sign up at least 2 months before the date of your birthday and actively sign into your Nike account during that period. You may also not receive the email from Nike about your birthday discount until the day of your birthday. We should also add that the Nike birthday discount is now automatically added at checkout for one purchase.

    62. when do i get my 25 off nike code?

      1. You need to follow the instructions above Boris!

    63. When is the new Nike 25% off sale discount code coming out?

      1. You can sign up to the Nike 25% off Birthday discount promo now. The next extra 20% off code for the Nike sale is not till later in 2022. Possibly September 2022, but no date has been confirmed yet.

    64. so i signed up just now adding my email address and date of birth. When can i expect to receive my 25% discount code for nike? is it 25 off everything?

      1. You will receive your Nike birthday discount code email during your birthday month. The 25% discount can be used for multiple items during one transaction and is automatically applied to your Nike account.

    65. Is there a Nike promo code hack to get the Nike 25% off discount code faster?

      1. We would recommend following the instructions in order to claim the Nike birthday discount.

    66. this is nike 25 off code i like.

      1. Glad you are happy Azman. Happy to help secure your Nike discount.

    67. it is October 10 2022. I signed up to get the nike birthday discount code 6 months ago in April 2022. Will I get the code for my birthday this month? Are there any other Nike discount codes or Nike 25 off codes available?

      1. Hi, provided you signed up as a new Nike member and you have been active with your Nike account you should receive your Nike birthday discount this month. The birthday discount is automatically added at checkout on

    68. Anyone got a Nike discount code please 😎

      1. No problem Jordan. We have responded to your tweet on Twitter and posted you a Nike Discount Code:

    69. does this work outside of USA?

      1. Hi Raqee, the Nike Birthday Discount is offered across many countries and regions of the world. It is definitely offered in North America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and parts of Asia.
        For each individual country you will have to check the official Nike website to confirm the terms and conditions.
        For example here are the promotional t&c’s for the USA:
        Thank you and good luck. We hope you receive a birthday discount to use at Nike.

    70. can you send me nike promo code straight away?

      1. Hi napul, we would recommend following the instructions above. Not only will you get the 25% off Nike Birthday Discount but you will also be sent other Nike Promo Codes throughout the year via your new Nike member’s account. Thanks and we wish you the best of luck.

    71. Hi, I need Nike promo code UK 2022.

      1. Please follow the instructions to claim your Nike Birthday Discount and other Nike promo codes for 2022.

    72. I am signing up for discount and I have now got email. This is only use 1 time for my birthday it can’t be use all month. Is this how?

      1. Hi Iq, thank you for your question. If you have signed up at for your discount you will be able to use your 25% off Nike discount once during your birthday month. Your discount is automatically added at checkout when you are signed into your Nike member’s account. The email your received from should give you more detailed instructions. We would also recommend downloading the Nike app.

    73. We are DELIGHTED to report that the Nike Birthday Discount promotion will be running throughout 2023. We have been helping people get the Nike Birthday Discount code since 2017 and look forward to activating 25% off at for as many people as possible during 2023. Happy New Year to everyone! Make 2023 your best year yet and JUST DO IT!

    74. When do I get the discount?

      1. If you have just signed up, you should get the Nike Birthday Discount on your next birthday provided you have been a signed up Nike member for at least 3 months. You will be more likely to get the discount if you have had an active Nike member’s account I.e. regularly signed in at and if you have purchased from the Nike store within the last year.

    75. is this stil valid in 2023?

      1. Yes, this Nike Birthday Discount code is valid throughout 2023. Have a great year!

    76. Is this Nike discount code still running for my birthday in Feb 2023?

      1. Hi Nicci, yes, the Nike Birthday Discount will be running throughout 2023 and is available to Nike members. In the meantime you can also use the latest Nike Promo Code which is “SPRING23” to get 25% off Nike products when you buy 2 or more items. Thanks and have a great 2023 and birthday next month 🎉

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