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How To Get 25% Off Nike For Your Birthday In 2023

Discover the definitive guide on how to get 25% off Nike during your birthday month. We provide a four point instruction guide to ensure you get a free Nike voucher code to use at

25% Off Nike at

25% Off Nike at

Sign up and get 25% off at during your birthday month.
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  • How to get 25% off Nike on your birthday

    *Click on the “Activate Deal” button above the instructions

    Valid through January 2023 to December 2023.

    Question: How can I get 25% off Nike on my birthday?

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    239 thoughts on “How To Get 25% Off Nike For Your Birthday In 2023

    1. thank you i waiting for nike code. will it come on birthday May 2nd?

      1. Hi Ursula, if you have signed up as a new member you should get the Nike Birthday Discount Code email on or before your birthday.

    2. for May 2022 too?

      1. Yes, the Nike Birthday Discount Code promo will still be live in May 2022. Activate it now at

    3. When does the email get sent to you? Will it be a 25% off discount code or can it be less sometimes?

      1. The email is sent to you either on your birthday itself or earlier during the month of your birthday. The email contains instructions about how to activate your 25% off Nike Birthday discount. Currently it is always a 25% off discount on full priced Nike products.

    4. How do I get Nike members discount today?

      1. You need to use the link above to get a new Nike Member’s Account. Once you have an active Nike account you will be emailed special offers from Nike including the Nike Birthday Discount on your birthday which entitles you to 25% off at

    5. Are there any Nike promos coming up in April 2022?

      1. Nike Air Max Day is on the 26th March 2022. There is also likely to be an extra 20% or 30% off the Nike Sale at the end of April / beginning of May 2022.

    6. How do you use a Nike voucher code in the Nike store? Like the Nike store London.

      1. 1. Sign up as a new Nike member (it is free to do this). 2. Wait for special offers to be sent to your email or check your Nike members account at regularly. 3. Check the terms and conditions of the Nike voucher code you are sent to see that you can use them in store or at Nike factory outlets. 4. Print off or bring along the email on your phone and use your Nike promo at checkout in store. 5. Enjoy using your discounted Nike products!

    7. Will the Nike birthday discount code it came by email on my birthday today?

    8. If I sign up now, adding February as my birthday month. Will I get the code through straight away to use? Thanks

      1. Hi Sam, normally you do not get the birthday code if you sign up within 2 months of your birthday. If you sign up and actively use your Nike members account you should be given a Nike birthday discount code in February 2023.

    9. Does this work on sale items as well?

      1. Hi Dylan, currently the Nike Birthday Discount does not apply to sale items.

    10. Hi, my Nike birthday discount not working. What should I do?

      1. We would advise speaking to a Nike customer services manager via their website.

    11. Hi
      I got this discount for my shoes this month but i returned it because it was not what i expected and i want to order other one but i can get this discount again , still my month of birthdays.why?

      Kind regard
      Sadeq Ansari

      1. Hi Sadeq, you need to contact Nike customer services and hopefully they will be able to reinstate the Nike Birthday Discount to your Nike members account.

    12. Is this Nike 25 Off Birthday promo?

      1. Yes, this is the Nike Birthday Discount promo code page for 2022.

    13. Came here via a google search for a nike 20% off code generator. 25% is even better.thank you.

      1. Thanks for your feedback. Enjoy your Nike birthday discount 🥳

    14. ive signed up since 2018 and it hasnt given me a discount for my birthday which is this month and ive provided my D.O.B

      1. That’s unusual. Have you signed into your Nike member’s account on more than one occasion since you signed up? Have you purchased anything through the account? Hopefully you will receive a Nike discount code at some point this month…otherwise we would suggest signing up again using a new email address.

        1. no i havent ordered from it before and i have logged on more than one occassion

    15. Thanks Nike 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Stay tuned for more Nike promo codes in 2022.

    16. Is there also Boohoo birthday discount? What would be the promo code to use on

      1. Hi Amy, yes there is a 20% off Boohoo Birthday Discount Code. Follow the step by step guide here:

    17. How do I use a Nike PROMO code on the Nike app? Has this changed in 2022?


        Nike offers voucher codes so you can get discounts on and on the Nike App. If you have a legitimate discount code, you can apply it either in your bag or at checkout time.

        IN YOUR BAG:

        In the “Summary” box on the right, click “DO YOU HAVE A PROMO CODE?”.
        Enter the discount code and select “APPLY.”

        AT CHECKOUT:

        In the “PAYMENT” area, click “Do you have a gift card, product voucher, or promo code?”
        Enter the Nike voucher code and select “APPLY.”

        With either option, if the Nike promo code you enter is valid, it will apply the discount to your order total straight away and show you the updated amount.

    18. What is Nike birthday discount?

      1. It is a one off 25% off Nike promo code to use at or on the Nike app for 2022 in your birthday month.

    19. 🚨 ALERT 🚨 This special Nike Birthday Discount offer is live throughout January 2022 to December 2022.

    20. How To Get 25% Off Nike For Your Birthday In 2022. Is this same as 2021?

      1. Yes, this Nike Birthday Discount offer is still valid as of January 2022. You can use your Nike birthday voucher at checkout on

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