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5 minutes with personal trainer Amy Desenberg

Amy Desenberg Splits

Introducing Amy

Amy Desenberg is a ‘Holistic Personal Trainer’ who focuses on 360 body conditioning and functional training. She believes in educating her clients and instilling the right ideals to lead a balanced life without extremes and diets. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a 12 week exercise and diet regime. Amy is a qualified level 2 & 3 personal trainer, a Nutrition adviser and holds a pre and postnatal excercise programming qualification.

Amy Desenberg press up

On being pregnant 

As a personal trainer I am constantly on the go. I am up at the crack of dawn, on my feet most of the day, I ride my bike all over London whilst also making sure I keep on top of my own training regime. Obviously the first trimester was hard because you feel so tired during this time and the last thing you feel like doing is being active, especially in the winter, but I made the extra effort to push myself because I always knew I would feel better after.

Exercise for anyone is so beneficial, so naturally the same rule applies when you get pregnant. Don’t be afraid to train, don’t be afraid to work hard and don’t be afraid to push yourself. If you are already fit coming into pregnancy then go for it. On the flip side, if you are thinking about having a baby my advice is – get fit, don’t wait until you are pregnant to jump on the health and fitness band wagon because once you are pregnant it’s all about maintenance.

Benefits for exercising during your prenatal period

Assists with pregnancy weight gainAmy Desenberg head stand

Reduces swelling

Assists with labour, delivery and can help avoid complications

Aids with aches and pains

Gives you energy

Helps your body bounce back into shape after you have given birth

Benefits for exercising during your postnatal period

Sheds baby weight faster

Aids in abdominal recovery

Helps you regain your energy and body confidence

Boosts your mood and can prevent postnatal depression

Amy’s tips

Stay active. Whatever you were doing before, continuing doing it. Being pregnant is not an illness and it shouldn’t stop you from living your life. Exercise will benefit you and the baby.

After the 1st trimester make sure you look into what you should and should not be doing. You will naturally feel what is right for you but it’s good to know what guidelines are out there. The most important thing is listening to your body. Do what feels right for you. Everybody is different.

Amy Desenberg yogaOn that note, listening to your body is my second top tip. Whilst it is super important to stay active that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy. If you are tired then rest. Try to understand the difference between laziness and exhaustion. There is a difference! Go with the flow. Feel the changes you are going through and try to embrace them as best as you can. Especially if it’s your first.

 Recipe to try

Because we all need a bit of goodness in our lives….

Salted Almond Butter Fudge

To follow Amy’s journey or to connect with her go to A body forever,  follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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