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Elle Linton speaks to Reebok CrossFit athlete, Becky Pykett

Reebok CrossFit athlete - Becky Pykett

I really enjoy CrossFit as it pushes you to work hard and continually improve by aiming to better yourself rather than comparing yourself to others. It has an inclusive community and no matter how tough a workout, CrossFit can always be scaled to where you need it to be so you can take part.

This week, Reebok launched ‘Team Reebok UK’ by bringing together seven of the leading male and female CrossFit athletes in the country. To celebrate this, I went along to CrossFit Blackfriars to train with the team and to have a chat with one of their athletes, Becky Pykett about her training.

Elle : You’ve been competing in CrossFit for a while now – how does it keep you interested?

Becky: It keeps me interested as it’s so varied; you never reach a peak because there is always a way to better yourself. You can never do enough pull ups for example! And it keeps you striving to get better. I constantly want to get better.

How often do you train and how do you approach recovery days?

I train three hours a day, for five days a week. Sometimes my sessions (the three hours) are split during the day. I use the principle of active recovery so on my rest days I may go for a gentle run, a bike ride or swim. I’ll also focus on eating really well and will often have a sports massage on a recovery day.

Do you have a favourite (or worst!) WOD?
Anything that involves heavy weights! Oh, and I like them when they are short! A lot of the workouts are named after women and a couple of my favourites are Diane or Elizabeth. I’m not a fan of long workouts involving a lot of gymnastics; like Cindy or Chelsea.

Is there a skill you’re developing at the moment?
I’m constantly developing loads in gymnastics – for example I’m working on muscle ups at the moment and butterfly pull ups.

How does it feel being chosen for Team Reebok UK?
It’s like being part of a family. I’m so happy to be supported by such a big brand and to be surrounded by like minded people. It’s honestly a privilege!

What’s your next competition as a team, and will you change your training for it?
My next competition is the Super Team Cup in November! My training pretty much stays the same all the time. My training is aimed towards the CrossFit Open in March so other competitions are important for the experience.

Reebok Nanos have really captured the CrossFit market. What makes them such an outstanding shoe to train in?
For me, it’s all about the stability. You need that with all the functional movements. They’re also hardwearing for all the rope climbs, hitting toes to bar, running! These shoes are basically indestructible!

You can read more from Elle on her blog – Keep it Simpelle. For more information on Reebok and their latest CrossFit footwear and apparel, visit and follow @ReebokUK and the hashtag #TeamReebokUK.

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