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Fitness – Get Started

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As we all strive to live healthier and happier lives, getting fit is often a top priority. Whether you’re heading back to the gym after a long hiatus or are new to the fitness scene, here are a handful of key tips for tackling a new fitness regime. Hopefully they will help you maintain your enthusiasm for months to come.

1. Start slow and build up

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Be consistent and build up your cardio slowly but surely. Don’t push your body too fast or you’ll find you’ve run out of energy in record time. Give your body time to adjust to the activity and it’ll give you back the energy you need to progress to higher levels. Start at a comfortable level and see how your body reacts.

2. Vary your exercise and consider working out with a friend

Everyone needs a change from their exercise routine. If you continue to follow a workout without any change, it can place you in a tough plateau to break. Aside from that, it can hinder your results and make your workouts tedious. Consider varying your routine and don’t undersetimate the power of training with a friend or personal trainer.

3. Eat well

Timing is everything when it comes to eating and working out. If you’re too full, you get cramps, and if you’re too hungry, you can’t work your hardest. Keep pre-workout snacks, eaten 30 to 90 minutes prior to exercise, mostly in the carb family. These foods should be easily digestible and should contain about 40 to 100 grams of carbs with a low amount of fat. Post workout, ensure your body is replinished with a balanced mixture of protein, carbs and nutrients.

4. Take time to recover 

Give your body love and attention and know that every single athlete in the history of time does this, too. Take your day of rest to reflect on how far you’ve already come and acknowledge and be grateful for your body, willpower and dedication.

5. Wear the right kit

High-intensity training requires technical kit that is comfortable and sweat-wicking. In order to push yourself during workouts, SportStylist recommends lightweight tops, supportive sports bras and fitted, high-stretch bottoms that allow for greater freedom of movement from track to treadmill.

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