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Five Minutes With… Elle Linton, Personal Trainer And Blogger

Elle Linton, Personal Trainer And Blogger

Hey Elle! First things first, tell us: what’s your favourite way to workout?

There’s no one thing I swear by; I love to switch things up all the time. Consistently though, I run and cycle, and also go to Crossfit, yoga and reformer Pilates. I love the variety all these activities give me. It means I’m always making gains from my workouts as my body never gets used to any one way of moving.

Which five songs are currently on your workout playlist?

I gave up listening to music when I started duathlon training. Now I train and listen to podcasts or audio books. Currently I’m loving Serial, 5 Live’s sports specials, TED Talks on health, society and culture, science and medicine, and the audiobook It Starts With Food. I get to learn a lot without the beat of music affecting my pace.

Elle Linton personal training

You often share healthy, yummy recipes on your blog. What are your favourite healthy eats?

I love the courgette and chorizo shepherd’s pie I discovered when I was doing Whole30, but if I’m in a rush then my go-to meal is a Spanish omelette with dill and sweet potato. And for dessert I love my vegan friend Kaitlin McMahon’s raw choccy mousse.

What does an average workout week look like for you?

I commute by bike three to four day a week, which usually equates to 60 minutes a day. In addition, I’m currently doing half marathon training, so that means running three time a week, one session focussing on speed, one on tempo, and for the final session I go for a long run. Then I also swim one to two times a week, and do either yoga or crossfit once a week.

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Phew, that’s a lot! How do you keep yourself motivated?

I think if all the times I’ve beaten myself up during a race because I didn’t train properly. I remind myself of how much I enjoy my events when I have put in the ground work. I remember how great I will feel when I have done my workout for that day; how much more satisfying and guilt free my meal will be too! I think about the person who’s looking for inspiration and motivation to get out there and do their workout.

And how do you keep yourself looking stylish when you’re working out?

I love a pop of colour; pink is my favourite. My workout gear also needs to see me from the studio to the street, so it needs to be stylish and functional. On some days I wear one outfit to cycle on my commute, work, run and then cycle home so a fast-drying, anti-odour fabric is a must!

Finally, what makes you happy?

A hot shower after a long run. Clean sheets. A hearty breakfast, a refreshing lunch and a home cooked dinner. A good night’s sleep. Fresh air. Spending time with family and friends.

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