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Five Minutes With… Zanna Van Dijk, Athlete, Blogger & PT-In-Training

Zanna Van Dijk - Athlete - Blogger - PT

Fans of health, fitness and nutritional blogger Zanna van Dijk, rejoice! The Optimum Nutrition-sponsored athlete is set to relocate to London this month to train as a PT, which means from mid-March she could be helping you to achieve the sensational, strong physique she celebrates on her social feeds. In anticipation of her arrival on British soil, we caught up with Zanna to discover how she works out, stays motivated and always looks so stylish…

Hey Zanna! From following your Instagram feed, we get the impression you’re into your weights. Why’s that?

I love to lift weights. I love the feeling of getting stronger and more powerful, plus it is helping me to sculpt my body. I find that lots of women are scared of weights because they think they’ll make you bulky, but actually they help you sculpt a lean, toned body and also boost your metabolism!

Workout-wise, what does an average week look like for you?

I train six days a week. I lift weights for five of those days, and on the other I do a HIIT workout. I plan on increasing my HIIT sessions soon though as I love it and want to further improve my cardiovascular fitness, and HIIT’s a great way to do this.

How do you motivate yourself to get up and work out when you’ve had a long day/you’re feeling down/you’re warm in bed and cold outside?

I always pre-plan my workouts the day before, so its never an option to miss them. If I am really struggling, I love scrolling through Instagram and getting inspired by those I follow.

Zanna Van Dijk doing a setup
Zanna Van Dijk working out

What are the current top five songs on your workout playlist?

  • Million Voices by Otto Knows
  • Blood Sugar by Pendulum
  • Language by Porter Robinson
  • Wizard by Martin Garrix
  • Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon

What’s your favourite healthy feast?

I am a bit boring; I simply love grilled salmon seasoned with lemon and ginger, served with a baked sweet potato and roasted veggies!

(Above: Zanna credits lifting weights for taking her from ‘skinny to strong’)

And what do you eat as a treat?

Chocolate – and I mean proper naughty chocolate. My favourite is Galaxy Cookie Crumble!

You always look great. How do you stay stylish when you’re working out?

My staple outfit is a pair of bright leggings styled with a simple top and a detailed sports bra. I love Posto9 leggings since they are long enough for my legs and come in beautiful bright prints. I’m also a big fan of Lorna Jane sports bras – they’re super comfortable and supportive, plus they have awesome designs and details.

Finally, what makes you happy?

I love spending time with my close friends and family, but I also enjoy cooking and having a nice long bath.

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